Our Fleet

  • 12 equipped trucks & 5 Dry Vans
  • Covering the whole market to distribute large product volumes from multiple operations with a proven track record of safety and quality.
  • Our fleet is always in constant growth to meet the market demands.
  • Distribution network built on current fleet capacity and Warehouses.
  • For any new Brand suppose to join FNC products list, an increase of 10% on our fleet should take place (+ or –) depend on the brand & its SKUs.


  • Addition to our head offices in Al Ardiya and Hawalli , our warehouse is well equipped, directed by advanced system management to assure and abide safety and quality standard.
  • A total capacity of 3,000 pallet divided into:
  • *200 pallets chilled
  • *500 pallet frozen
  • *2,300 pallet ambient

Our facilities and storage capacity are the key success of our operations at FNC Our facilities features are well designed and designated to accommodate various temperature products This helps us maintain a steady supply line and maximum products availability for our clients